We are Christ’s company of bridal priests. We are both lovers and warriors. He has given us His spirit of rest and violence. We are content yet at the same time restless for change. We are His Kingdom messengers of reconciliation and agents of transformation. We live by a dual compulsion, to make His name famous in all nations and to rescue humanity living on our page of history. We  live now by design not chance. We carry a God-given mandate. It involves placing ourself in the GAP the Father has set between Himself and human need. It’s a gap filled by the Perfect Intercessor who calls His Kingdom people to partner with Him. So we become a voice of prayer in the gap, an incense able to affect God’s heart on behalf of people, communities, even nations. We discover both the exhilaration and gravity of being little people with a major mission. By our praying in the gap we affect the future of communities and the course of history! The privilege is free (thanks to the Lamb!) but the practice is costly. The track, ‘Living in the Gap’ will inspire you to embrace the cost of living in romance and warfare with Christ in the gap.


Introducing prayer types
Prayer basics
Focus, goal and passion of prayer
The gap for God’s friends
Releasing incense
Praying God’s nature
Praying God’s promises
Prophetic praying
Fasted lifestyle
Today’s prayer movement