The beauty of God’s nature shines out through His love. But also through His holy violence. He is glorious both as Lover and Warrior. His compassionate touch as Lover and explosive zeal as Warrior are both expressions of His Goodness. As His image-bearers we are redeemed to conform to His holy love as well as His holy violence. Both impact the way we pray. Living in the Father’s love gives us a place of safety and confidence to pray from. The romance of being Christ’s chosen Bride impassions the heart of the pray-er and fills the praying with love’s celebration. The same heart has been freed to enter into the zeal God has for His name and kingdom. He is God of breakthrough but insists on His kingdom people moving with Him to possess what the Lamb has purchased. It’s crucial that we know our enemy and the authority,  weaponry and strategy God has given us in Christ. This track draws attention to both the tenderness and aggression that characterizes  the praying priesthood under Christ. What’s at stake? The fame of His name, the fulfilling of our God-given, enemy-contested destiny, and the future of entire communities.


  • The Glory of God the Lover
  • The Father’s love
  • The passion of the chosen Bride
  • The Bride on bended knees
  • The Glory of God the Warrior
  • Rest and violence
  • Kingdom conflict and breakthrough
  • Anointed for war
  • Warrior zeal
  • The enemy’s profile
  • Weapon and strategy
  • Fighting for your future
  • Fighting for a city