We have received God fully but none of us experience Him fully. The miracle of God-with-us includes grace to know Him more and more. God has written appetite for Himself into the DNA of our faith. That hunger for God will be the most powerful ‘mover’ in our lives. It compels our hearts, reforms our thinking, orders our values, and influences our behaviour. That is, as long as our God-given desire for Him is not stifled by self-serving appetites. When we allow God-hunger to lose the war of appetites the biggest casualty is our own future. We have been redeemed to live as pilgrims. Our hearts are set on the unearthly city of God while at the same time enjoying Him in this earthly city. Faith’s appetite for God requires that we learn to manage our hearts and muscle-up our wills to keep moving closer to Him. All of living serves this appetite. And the more we know Him the more we hunger to know Him. The yearning for God is sustained by prayer and at the same time sustains the passion of the pray-er. This track follows logically after the track, ‘Living in God’s presence’, and is preparation for the track, ‘Priests for God’s pleasure’.


  • The heritage of hunger for God
  • Understanding faith’s appetite
  • Pilgrim adventure: learning to know Him
  • Learning raised heart living
  • The will to move closer
  • Living defined by hunger for God
  • Disciplines and Habits of God-hungry people