Christ’s death not only freed us but elevated us to be an order of priests under Him forever. Not an exclusive band of professionals but plainclothes priests who do everyday living with an extra-ordinary mandate. We see the invisible Throne. Our every activity becomes an offering of eternal significance. At the cost of the Lamb’s life we have been installed as those who live (now and forever) to serve the Glory of God.  The final passing away of the earth will bring closure to a dimension of our priesthood on earth. But the solid core of our priestly ministry will continue forever, viz. sharing Christ’s passion to honour and please the Father. Redemption has awakened our capacity to (in ways we can’t fully understand) bring joy to God. His worthiness compels us to be an altar of constant fire and offering. Living as priests for His pleasure is liberating and stretching. It places an overlay of eternal significant on our daily living. This track unpacks the truth of living as priests of God’s presence in a way that affects our own world arena and, above all, affects the pleasure of God.


  • Christ’s company of plainclothes priests
  • Servants of God’s pleasure
  • Priesthood’s first rule
  • Life’s highest goal
  • Thundering with heaven
  • Living to stir God’s heart
  • The power of choice