The ‘Worship on the Way’ track aims to impassion God’s followers of the Way to live as worshippers. We live in exciting chapters of God’s promised restoration of  the Davidic tabernacle. He has extraordinary works of grace prepared for this time in the history of nations. His plan calls for the church to work with Him for the display His glory on earth.  God’s nature compels worship as our first work. All other activities of life overflow from the undivided heart of worship. The pattern of David’s tabernacle finds its fulfillment in Christ and His eternal order of New Covenant priests. We live as plainclothes priests of God’s presence. Each day brings fresh opportunity to learn responses to the Enthroned Glory with us. We become deliberate altar-builders. Practicing lifestyle worship is the core of God’s “house of prayer” community on earth. The ‘Worship on the Way’ track celebrates God, looks at keys for sustaining a heart of worship (even in times of trouble), explains prophetic worship, introduces the prayer-music dynamic, and makes the connection between extravagant worship and Kingdom extension in the nations.


  • Explanation of worship
  • Essence of worship
  • Davidic tabernacle
  • Lifestyle altar-building
  • Celebrating God
  • Offerings enjoyed by God
  • The order of the new song
  • Worship under pressure
  • The culture of giving