God has made us to function best from rest. His revelation of Himself to His people is purposeful. He wants us to enjoy an ever-increasing experience of His nature. That includes His restfulness. He is the busiest person in the universe yet constantly at rest. He never has a fearful thought or anxious moment. And He has chosen to share His restfulness with us! Not just the promise of future rest in His celestial city, but rest now in the chaos of the earthly one. The Fall wired us to be people of unrest. But redemption’s Grace rewires us and empowers us to learn how to live in the restfulness of God….in a world of unrest. The ability to rest when things shake is a powerful testimony to earth’s audience of the Lamb’s triumph. Resting in the Lord is essential for accurate praying (which is foundational to relationship with Him). We distinguish the sound of His voice more easily in rest. We see His perspective more clearly from rest. And if we’re to be prayer-warriors that do serious damage to Darkness it’s essential that we war from rest.


  • Living in God’s restfulness
  • The security of Father’s love
  • Carried by the Perfect Protector
  • Hope’s guarantee of future
  • The authority in resting
  • The blessing of peace
  • Staying in rest
  • Wisdom’s restful house
  • Taking refuge in God
  • The celebration of God’s goodness