The highest motive for living blamelessly is the pleasure it brings God. His Spirit in us gives us the capacity to shine as His image-bearers, but our personal purity influences the strength of the shining. Righteousness, holiness, purity, consecration, blamelessness. These are not just different words with common meaning. Each is a thread of brilliant colour making up the tapestry of our life that has “ever-increasing glory”.  The track, ‘The authority of blamelessness’, builds understanding of the beauty of holiness and gives perspective on the holy and the common in everyday living. It looks at the God-given grace for making choices that form our future in Him. It sets the challenge to live as a friend of God’s purifying fire. Blameless living is not optional. It’s a Kingdom essential. If praying is to carry the weight of Jesus’ authority in heaven and on earth it’s essential that the pray-er’s life  be free from anything that knowingly clashes with His will. Not perfect pray-ers, but blameless ones. Compromising blamelessness weakens our prayer authority against Darkness. Blameless living is not a popular message but is an urgent and non-negotiable essential for every Jesus-lover who is serious about Kingdom praying.


  • The great exchange
  • The beauty of God’s holiness
  • Understanding the fear of God
  • Consecration
  • The holy and the common
  • Future-forming choices
  • Purity
  • Temptation
  • Purifying fire
  • Blamelessness
  • God’s pleasure or punishment