9. Building Agreement in Corporate Prayer

History pivoted on the Cross and the upper room prayer meeting that followed. The power of the age to come rushed into that Jerusalem prayer watch, impacted the city and launched a global mission movement that has not lost momentum. After that the early apostolic church could not reduce corporate praying to being just a peripheral activity. They had been witnesses of God’s powerful response to the sound of His people praying in agreement with Him and with one another. Praying together eclipses the prayer strength of praying alone…if done in agreement. This track, ‘Building agreement in corporate prayer’, feeds passion for corporate praying and explains key elements for praying with “one heart and mouth”. It explains mercy’s miracle of making zeros into ONE, drawing us into union with Him and with one another. Understanding oneness is the essential foundation for the high-rise building of prayer agreement. The track opens the dynamics of ‘upper room’ praying (distinct from the ‘inner room’ personal prayer life) and offers guidelines for leading prayer sessions. It explains the authority of the corporate prayer voice, how to build agreement, and the servant mindset of the upper room pray-er.


  • One with God, one in God
  • A community of agreement
  • Keys to corporate prayer authority
  • Upper room prayer synergy
  • Leading prayer sessions

8. How to Pray the Scriptures

Praying is about expressing the thoughts of God not trying to impress Him with ours.  God reveals Himself to feed prayer responses  that agree with His nature and will. So His Word is the pray-er’s inseparable companion. Praying scripture is not new. It has its roots in ancient Hebrew prayer life. But praying God’s Word is a passion and practice that has been lost to many in today’s church. There’s a growing movement to rediscover it. The track, ‘How to pray Scripture’ gives background to the value of praying the Bible and explains various ways to do that. For instance, praying from a scripture text, praying from a Bible narrative, and praying topically using scripture. It demonstrates how to mix these creatively and the part that melody can play in prayer. The track is aimed at deepening enjoyment and confidence in personal prayer, upgrading the heart’s prayer expressions, and increasing accuracy in strategic prayer. The principles are transferable to corporate prayer settings. The track includes a workshop session for coaching in praying scripture.


  • Learning to pray like Jesus
  • Prayer scribble
  • Shaping prayer from a verse
  • Shaping prayer from a narrative
  • Using Scripture to pray for a topic
  • Upgrading prayer language
  • Singing prayers
  • Prayers in the Bible
  • Workshop – praying scripture

7. Prayer Basics

  • Defining prayer
  • Introduction to prayer types:
    • admiration
    • adoration
    • blessing
    • breath prayer
    • celebration
    • confession
    • consecration
    • contemplation
    • declaration
    • decree
    • desire
    • examen
    • imprecatory
    • intercession
    • lament
    • meditation
    • petition
    • praise
    • possession
    • prophetic
    • recollection
    • reflection
    • renunciation
    • repentance
    • rest, trust
    • thanks
    • warfare
  • Focus & Goal of prayer
  • Faith paradoxes
  • Perpetual prayer
  • Lifestyle prayer

6. The Authority of Blamelessness

The highest motive for living blamelessly is the pleasure it brings God. His Spirit in us gives us the capacity to shine as His image-bearers, but our personal purity influences the strength of the shining. Righteousness, holiness, purity, consecration, blamelessness. These are not just different words with common meaning. Each is a thread of brilliant colour making up the tapestry of our life that has “ever-increasing glory”.  The track, ‘The authority of blamelessness’, builds understanding of the beauty of holiness and gives perspective on the holy and the common in everyday living. It looks at the God-given grace for making choices that form our future in Him. It sets the challenge to live as a friend of God’s purifying fire. Blameless living is not optional. It’s a Kingdom essential. If praying is to carry the weight of Jesus’ authority in heaven and on earth it’s essential that the pray-er’s life  be free from anything that knowingly clashes with His will. Not perfect pray-ers, but blameless ones. Compromising blamelessness weakens our prayer authority against Darkness. Blameless living is not a popular message but is an urgent and non-negotiable essential for every Jesus-lover who is serious about Kingdom praying.


  • The great exchange
  • The beauty of God’s holiness
  • Understanding the fear of God
  • Consecration
  • The holy and the common
  • Future-forming choices
  • Purity
  • Temptation
  • Purifying fire
  • Blamelessness
  • God’s pleasure or punishment

5. Praying From God’s Rest

God has made us to function best from rest. His revelation of Himself to His people is purposeful. He wants us to enjoy an ever-increasing experience of His nature. That includes His restfulness. He is the busiest person in the universe yet constantly at rest. He never has a fearful thought or anxious moment. And He has chosen to share His restfulness with us! Not just the promise of future rest in His celestial city, but rest now in the chaos of the earthly one. The Fall wired us to be people of unrest. But redemption’s Grace rewires us and empowers us to learn how to live in the restfulness of God….in a world of unrest. The ability to rest when things shake is a powerful testimony to earth’s audience of the Lamb’s triumph. Resting in the Lord is essential for accurate praying (which is foundational to relationship with Him). We distinguish the sound of His voice more easily in rest. We see His perspective more clearly from rest. And if we’re to be prayer-warriors that do serious damage to Darkness it’s essential that we war from rest.


  • Living in God’s restfulness
  • The security of Father’s love
  • Carried by the Perfect Protector
  • Hope’s guarantee of future
  • The authority in resting
  • The blessing of peace
  • Staying in rest
  • Wisdom’s restful house
  • Taking refuge in God
  • The celebration of God’s goodness

4. Worshiping on the Way

The ‘Worship on the Way’ track aims to impassion God’s followers of the Way to live as worshippers. We live in exciting chapters of God’s promised restoration of  the Davidic tabernacle. He has extraordinary works of grace prepared for this time in the history of nations. His plan calls for the church to work with Him for the display His glory on earth.  God’s nature compels worship as our first work. All other activities of life overflow from the undivided heart of worship. The pattern of David’s tabernacle finds its fulfillment in Christ and His eternal order of New Covenant priests. We live as plainclothes priests of God’s presence. Each day brings fresh opportunity to learn responses to the Enthroned Glory with us. We become deliberate altar-builders. Practicing lifestyle worship is the core of God’s “house of prayer” community on earth. The ‘Worship on the Way’ track celebrates God, looks at keys for sustaining a heart of worship (even in times of trouble), explains prophetic worship, introduces the prayer-music dynamic, and makes the connection between extravagant worship and Kingdom extension in the nations.


  • Explanation of worship
  • Essence of worship
  • Davidic tabernacle
  • Lifestyle altar-building
  • Celebrating God
  • Offerings enjoyed by God
  • The order of the new song
  • Worship under pressure
  • The culture of giving

3. Priests for God’s Pleasure

Christ’s death not only freed us but elevated us to be an order of priests under Him forever. Not an exclusive band of professionals but plainclothes priests who do everyday living with an extra-ordinary mandate. We see the invisible Throne. Our every activity becomes an offering of eternal significance. At the cost of the Lamb’s life we have been installed as those who live (now and forever) to serve the Glory of God.  The final passing away of the earth will bring closure to a dimension of our priesthood on earth. But the solid core of our priestly ministry will continue forever, viz. sharing Christ’s passion to honour and please the Father. Redemption has awakened our capacity to (in ways we can’t fully understand) bring joy to God. His worthiness compels us to be an altar of constant fire and offering. Living as priests for His pleasure is liberating and stretching. It places an overlay of eternal significant on our daily living. This track unpacks the truth of living as priests of God’s presence in a way that affects our own world arena and, above all, affects the pleasure of God.


  • Christ’s company of plainclothes priests
  • Servants of God’s pleasure
  • Priesthood’s first rule
  • Life’s highest goal
  • Thundering with heaven
  • Living to stir God’s heart
  • The power of choice

2. Growing an Appetite for God

We have received God fully but none of us experience Him fully. The miracle of God-with-us includes grace to know Him more and more. God has written appetite for Himself into the DNA of our faith. That hunger for God will be the most powerful ‘mover’ in our lives. It compels our hearts, reforms our thinking, orders our values, and influences our behaviour. That is, as long as our God-given desire for Him is not stifled by self-serving appetites. When we allow God-hunger to lose the war of appetites the biggest casualty is our own future. We have been redeemed to live as pilgrims. Our hearts are set on the unearthly city of God while at the same time enjoying Him in this earthly city. Faith’s appetite for God requires that we learn to manage our hearts and muscle-up our wills to keep moving closer to Him. All of living serves this appetite. And the more we know Him the more we hunger to know Him. The yearning for God is sustained by prayer and at the same time sustains the passion of the pray-er. This track follows logically after the track, ‘Living in God’s presence’, and is preparation for the track, ‘Priests for God’s pleasure’.


  • The heritage of hunger for God
  • Understanding faith’s appetite
  • Pilgrim adventure: learning to know Him
  • Learning raised heart living
  • The will to move closer
  • Living defined by hunger for God
  • Disciplines and Habits of God-hungry people

1. Living in God’s Presence

The presence of God with rescued sinners defies understanding. But our faith has been wired to explore the miracle of Emmanuel. Learning to live with God is the most satisfying, life-changing adventure written for the days of our earthly journey.  Enjoyment of God’s presence is more than a future hope. It’s a current experience. The Spirit of God is our life-coach, training us how to recognize Enthroned Glory in the most mundane daily activities. He schools us in living extra-ordinary lives. He teaches our tiny lives the celebration of living with Immensity. The miracle is not simply about God with us but about grace for intimate exchanges with Him in all of living. Celebrating His presence is at the heart of lifestyle prayer. This is the essential starting place in the equipping tracks and lays a foundation for an enjoyable, effective prayer life.


  • The Emmanuel sign
  • Kingdom now and not yet
  • Living with Enthroned Glory
  • From mundane to extra-ordinary
  • Celebration of Tabernacles
  • House of Presence, house of prayer culture
  • Re-training the mind for responses

Isaiah 45:21-23

Read the Scripture passage a few times, then use the outline below to shape the focus and content of your prayer. Keep the praying anchored to the passage in order to deepen agreement with the Lord on the truths carried in it.   .

And there is no God apart from me, a righteous God and a Savior;

there is none but me. Turn to me and be saved, all you ends of the earth;

for I am God, and there is no other.


The God who is…..

  • True And there is no God apart from me,

  • Righteous a righteous God

  • Savior and a Savior; there is none but me.


For the power of God’s Spirit to

  • Give a revelation of who the Savior is for I am God, and there is no other.

  • Turn hearts to him Turn to me and be saved,

  • Save, even to distant places & resistant peoples be saved, all you ends of the earth;