Slow down to hear

An article, Slowing Down to hear God’s Voice arrived in my inbox this week. Adam Wittenberg (on staff at IHOPKC), writes about choosing to slow down – making changes to our distracted, busy lifestyles – in order to grow our enjoyment of the Lord. To read his helpful article, with “reversing this trend” pointers, follow the link:


Where do we start?

Earth’s end won’t be from natural causes; its passing is scheduled for a Day in which Christ’s appearance will be the main event. Before leaving his disciples, Jesus made it clear that his great Day and his great mission are connected (Mt 24:14). It makes no sense at...

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Barefoot Revolution

Barefoot Revolution: Biblical Spirituality for Finding God (Paraclete Press) Paul Marshall’s book will unsettle you in a good way. It calls to a deeper, authentic life in Christ and gives the how-to for growing in it. We have known Paul for many years; these chapters...

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Reach for Rest

In our What’s in it for me post, one of the benefits of prayer growth mentioned was: A deeper REST in the Lord. Let’s go back to that one. If real rest could be bottled and marketed, the sellers would make a fortune and would struggle to keep up with market demand....

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What’s in it for me?

What’s in it for me? The question is thought more than it's voiced. How will prayer growth benefit me? Of course, the big motivation to grow as pray-ers is not the reward, but the impact it has on the Lord. Prayer honours God’s Love-choice to reveal himself and be...

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A new normal

We hear parents praying for their children to overtake them spiritually; for a reach and acceleration that will take their offspring beyond their own experience with Jesus. It’s not just about wanting children to be in a good place spiritually. There’s a solid faith...

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Too important to lose

Prayer growth is far too important to lose through boredom or stagnation. God guarantees prayer joy and invites us to a journey beyond duty and sameness. It means being stretched and changed, but we get to live the prayer enjoyment adventure he designed for us. Part I...

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Praying towards a new name

Just back from the Global Harvest Prayer Room (thirty steps from the Wingspan door) where this morning’s prayer focus was Chiangmai. We were drawn to Isaiah 62 where the Lord promises Jerusalem a new name: you will be called by a new name. (2) There would actually be...

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Micro pray-ers, mega outcomes

Prayer is too valuable to be driven by duty (“because I must”) or tied to mood (“if I feel like it”); it’s a grace and service of the heart. Three great motivations keep us growing as pray-ers: 1. The Lord enjoys it. 2. It deepens our enjoyment of him. 3. It’s our...

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Presence & plainclothes priests

The apostle Peter captures this dual truth for us in two verses: we are the Lord’s spiritual house AND his holy priesthood 1 Pt 2:4-5. It’s his residing presence in us by his Spirit that gives our priestly lifestyle its intimacy (close-up knowing of him) and urgency...

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Restful urgency

Last week we returned to Thailand after a hectic three months in Cape Town. We had shaped a to-do list that was never going to squeeze into our ninety day box. So, apart from a small block of get-away time in the middle, we were facing an impossible chase to tick all...

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My name will be great among the nations, from where the sun rises to where it sets. In every place incense and pure offerings will be brought to me, because my name will be great among the nations, says the Lord Almighty.

Malachi 1:11