Why Wingspan?

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Love for God’s Presence and praying are radically inseparable.

HoPe (House of Prayer Equipping) was set up as a teaching and prayer coaching ministry to local believers and Kingdom networks, particularly building into the ‘Bless Thailand (Chiangmai)’ prayer movement for harvest and transformation. Wingspan developed from that to sharpen the focus of prayer equipping for Kingdom advance.

The Christian's spiritual vitality, authority, intimacy with God, and ability to soar in Him are connected to the prayer 'wingspan' God has given His image-bearers. And amazingly the Father has connected His Kingdom’s advance on earth to the spreading of our prayer wingspan! He grows His Kingdom as we pray.

Wingspan Prayer Equipping is aimed at helping individuals, congregations and mission networks to grow a culture of prayer that is enjoyable and serves the advance of Christ's kingdom. The ministry aims to express the Holy Spirit's passion for the Lamb-King and zeal for His Kingdom to affect all nations. The various prayer tracks cover a broad spectrum. (click link for a list of tracks)

Wingspan doesn’t have all there is to know about praying. It’s an imperfect ministry by people discovering treasure on the Way and wanting to pass it on. Wingspan is a response to the urgent need for the Lamb’s followers to be a living, growing “house of prayer”, a mobilized priesthood, a warrior bride of Christ that loves prayer and is eager to learn from the Perfect Prayer.

There's an urgency to be a people moving into prayer experience that corresponds with the exciting level of Kingdom manifestation God has written for this chapter of earth’s history.

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