Prayer mobilizing & teaching in Australia

Sydney Harbour Early Morning
Sydney Harbour Early Morning

All the ways of the LORD are loving and faithful (Ps 25:10). 

At any moment he is doing more than we know and every work carries his signature of kindness.

We’ve been reading some feedback from the 2-month ministry trip in Australia and want to dance loudly and lay face-down in silence….both at the same time. He has added fresh verses to our ‘He is amazing’ life-song. He showed his love for people as the Lifter of heads, and Raiser of hearts. He faithfully carried us beyond our own abilities, and worked beyond our asking.


australian map with kangaroosThe Lord is shaping a missional prayer movement and gave us space to speak into that in the Land Down Under!

The main point of the trip was missional prayer mobilization & training. Prayer is an adventure in the nature and heart of God so it’s guaranteed to change us. Our minds replay scenes of God at work in lives in each of the five states we visited, but it’s just a fraction of the full activity of the Spirit and Word. So we’re not just praising him for what we have seen and heard, but for all he has done – which is a much bigger frame of worship.


  • for lives that have been changed —that they will “hold to the teachings” (not settle for life below the exposure of Light received) and the Lord himself will strengthen them to practice it (see 2 Thes 2:15-17)
  • for those he is drawing to GO to nations as onsite pray-ers.


  • Grace at work, shaping lives & shepherding them into the good things “prepared in advance” (Eph 2:10)


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