The Wingspan Prayer Mandate

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“Lord, teach us to pray” Luke 11:1

Those words are more than an echo from the past. It's the current heart-cry of millions of Jesus-lovers. The sound is being amplified in hearts left empty by religious routines.

Awakened hunger for God is feeding fresh desire for prayer. It’s a cry He welcomes. It’s one that leads to a life-changing journey of discovery in the heart of God.

What is Wingspan?

Wingspan is a mobilizing, teaching and training ministry focused on the adventure of growing as pray-ers, for the joy of the Lord and advance of his kingdom.

What we do

  • teach a lifestyle of enjoyable prayer
  • equip for strategic prayer
  • mobilize for missional prayer
  • facilitate training of Gateway prayer people for placement in front-line church planting teams as onsite ‘prayer assignment’ people


Rescued for a prayer adventure

  • moving beyond today’s boundaries
  • living with raised hearts
  • developing appetite for God
  • learning to live in response to God-with-us
  • enjoying prayer…and bringing pleasure to God
  • exploring paths of ‘praying from Scripture’
  • building agreement with God
  • increasing corporate prayer strength
  • praying strategically for nations & communities

Emphasis is placed on:

Living in God’s presence

– teaching on God’s immediate presence, the appetite, romance and formation disciplines of living with Him, and ministry that helps people encounter God in a way that refreshes, repairs and builds them in their journey as lovers of God and workers with him.

Prayer equipping

- teaching and coaching in prayer disciplines and enjoyable prayer lifestyle, in strategic praying for target communities or people groups, and in strengthening corporate prayer agreement. Usually the prayer equipping is done within the frame of the above (teaching on the adventure of living with God).

Corporate prayer sessions

– Prayer is the cutting edge of Kingdom advance. Corporate prayer carries an enormous strength potential through agreement. And – apart from the way it affects God and can impact the world – it allows us to earth principles from the top two areas into practice.


See Wingspan Prayer Equipping Topics


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