The apostle Peter captures this dual truth for us in two verses: we are the Lord’s spiritual house AND his holy priesthood 1 Pt 2:4-5. It’s his residing presence in us by his Spirit that gives our priestly lifestyle its intimacy (close-up knowing of him) and urgency (pleasing him above all and in all). Our priestly role of representing him and his message to the world is a mission we mustn’t ignore. But the heart and energy for that important mandate lies in prioritizing our primary priestly calling: admiration of the Lord. That’s where Peter goes: the house and its priesthood exist to offer “spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ” 1 Pt 2:5. We are chosen to declare his praises 1 Pt 2:9, a house enjoyment that will never end or plateau into boring sameness. Notice how Peter connects the wonderful house + priesthood truths to the rejection and resurrection of Jesus 1 Pt 2:4-7. ref Ps 118:22-24.

Christ’s death and resurrection have freed us to live beyond ordinary. We don’t wear eye-catching garments and symbols of spiritual office, but face everyday life as plainclothes priests carrying supernatural authority to know Christ and represent him. We don’t need a magnificent sanctuary to identify us or give value and status to our calling. We might look unimposing, but we are God’s chosen temples hosting his fullness in our littleness. We are the dream house God saw before time, the place (the people) he has chosen to be at home with……now and forever.

The priestly authority and temple Presence converge beautifully, powerfully in PRAYER. Our conversations with the Lord deepen our experience of him with us and shape our boasting of him. Each day puts us on a new page of this extraordinary life of freedom. And there is no final page to the story; beyond ordinary is ours forever.

Hallelujah, Jesus Christ, your triumphant death and resurrection did this for us!