Responding to the Lord will be our supreme enjoyment forever. Our big challenge is to experience prayer as favourite enjoyment in the busyness and distractions of today.

Unless we keep prayer in the framework of God’s constant presence, it’s easy to lose the ‘response core’ that energizes enjoyable prayer life. How does the God-with-us truth impact us as pray-ers? Where does a raised heart take us that the unraised heart won’t. Can hunger for God reformat a prayer life?

We’ve been designed to live best with prayer as the nucleus, but how do we do that? Learning to agree with God in prayer is a lifelong adventure of learning. How can we use his thoughts to shape what we say to him? In other words, how can we learn to let him be the Lead Speaker in the prayer relationship? Our hearts are designed with a huge capacity for response to the Lord, but how can we stretch our prayer language to give our hearts that freedom?  What are some keys to upgrading corporate prayer times for greater authority and deeper enjoyment of praying together?

These are some of the areas covered in Shaped for Prayer Enjoyment, which came off the press yesterday and will be available in online bookstores soon (and, at this point, retail stores in UK). The book is an invitation to enjoy the prayer life adventure we were designed for.