Prayer growth is far too important to lose through boredom or stagnation. God guarantees prayer joy and invites us to a journey beyond duty and sameness. It means being stretched and changed, but we get to live the prayer enjoyment adventure he designed for us.

Part I of the book explains the powerful connection between enjoyable prayer life and the constant presence of God, each chapter ending with helpful ‘Ponder & Practice’ exercises.  Part II gives the how-to of breaking new ground in enjoyable prayer, in both personal and corporate prayer. The book climaxes with a call to live as ‘pray-ers on the move’.

Shaped for Prayer Enjoyment has been written to energize prayer life, empower prayer growth and deepen the experience of prayer as favourite enjoyment.

This book is a most joyful read leading to joy-filled engagement with God. It goes into my “pick-up-often-to-be-blessed” book category. David Crabtree


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