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 Shaped for Prayer Enjoyment is a treasure chest. Put into practice, the truths and tools it carries are transformational. This book is a must for anyone who is serious about growing in prayer. Julia – UK

I’ve read many books on prayer. Many books made me feel like I should pray. But this book made me want to pray. Many books push me to pray more. But this book gave me a desire to pray more. That was the power of this book for me; that it stirred something authentic and deep within, a desire for Christ and prayer, rather than just giving me information for the head or pressure to pray. You can tell that the author has discovered something beautiful about prayer, from Scripture and through his own life experience. Sharing his story in this book has helped me discover that joyful prayer myself. Louis – Singapore

This book is a most joyful read leading to joy-filled engagement with God. It goes into my “pick-up-often-to-be-blessed” book category. David – USA

What a refreshing book! Turning each page, I found myself stirred with a deep hunger for God, drawing me in. Although explaining a degree of “how to” for praying, all is embedded in a gloriously descriptive atmosphere of Presence of God: the Godhead choosing to involve His people in His purposes on this earth – Him speaking, Him revealing. The title is totally accurate. Having written this, I’m off for further prayer enjoyment. Elizabeth – Australia

Dave Macmillan approaches this subject from the often overlooked perspective of the joy and enjoyment that God intends us to experience through the gift of prayer. Far from being a mere duty, Dave reveals the purpose of God in and through prayer as something far different than we often think. Ryan – Thailand

This book promises and delivers! It is quite different from any other book on prayer that I have read. Totally God-centred, He being the prime mover in a relationship. Heaven-oriented so as to bring the reality of the presence and covenant promise of God to us on earth. Written from a lifetime of an ordinary man’s experience of pushing through all the barriers to enriching prayer that we all face and struggle with. Take your time reading this book and you will become aware of its transforming influence. As I worked through the practical exercises I found my relationship with Father God lifted to new levels I had previously thought unattainable and which now I cannot bear to live without. I want more of what God wants for me – the real enjoyment of prayer. Thank you David! Jenny – UK

The author has a unique style that I found required engagement of mind, imagination and spirit as I read. I couldn’t hurry it and was often left with that inner ‘Wow! Look who God is and what he has done!’ as the reward. What I have learned from Dave has impacted me, enriched my knowing of God and shaped the way I pray. Ruth – Australia

While many chapters in this book helped take my prayer life to a higher level, I will mention just one. This book provides insight on the use of Scripture in prayer that presses beyond the basics. I personally have used Scripture in my prayers for many years. However, my practice was limited to the use of the words only. In this book I discovered new and exciting ways to use Scripture in a more complete way. The enjoyable possibilities are many. This alone is an excellent reason for reading this book and passing it on to your church friends and ministry partners. Tom – Canada

Macmillan brings us into a place where what we most want to do is to pray and enjoy God in prayer. Part 2 provides the practical application of that teaching… particularly using Scripture as an important ingredient. Andrew – UK

“Do I really need another book on prayer?” was my first thought. I am so glad I quickly dismissed that thought. Whether you thoroughly enjoy prayer or whether you are honest enough to admit that you don’t enjoy it as much as you think you should, I cannot recommend this gem of a book highly enough. It draws the heart of the reader upwards, inspiring an increased longing for a closer and deeper walk with the Lord. It is simple to read, yet simply profound. You certainly won’t want to rush through it. After the first reading, you will want to start right at the beginning again in order to absorb it more fully, using the practical lessons provided. A great investment also for building a well-equipped prayer group. Irene – Scotland

The thesis of this book is exciting: prayer should be an enjoyable adventure and there are many ways to develop such a prayer life. But this is the kind of diamond mine where you need to dig hard; it’s an intense, dense read and far from a page turner. In fact after nearly each page one needs to pause and reflect for some time. Nevertheless it’s worth keeping at it. The ideas of prayer scribble and developing agreement in prayer will be worth coming back to for years to come. Colin – England

Reading this book inspired me to put the book down and pray after every chapter. Which just goes to show that it is effective. It’s practical and accessible to the average reader. It’s an excellent read. Suzanne – Australia

I so enjoyed reading this book. I love the way David writes, as well as the content. It’s very practical, and has affected the way I pray (in both personal and corporate prayer times), and the way I lead prayer times. Pauline – England


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