Pray-ers who GO

God’s Spirit is re-energizing the prayer life of the global church. Many Christians are doing missional praying from their homes, work places and church gatherings. But there are, among this growing company of pray-ers, those ready to take a courageous step in prayer adventure: to be pray-ers who GO. They want to take their praying on-site, to front-line places where the least reached people live.

Become a prayer worker in a church planting team

Prayer is at the core of discipleship. However, some have a God-given grace, and the desire, to commit to prayer as a core+ passion. That is, they see prayer as their primary ministry assignment from the Lord. So they become part of a front-line church planting team to impact the team ministries and a target people group through their praying.

Activities of the prayer worker will vary depending on location, the person’s abilities and experience, and the length of their prayer assignment. No, the prayer worker is not consigned to 8-hour shifts of kneeling in a windowless prayer room. The pray-er’s work is an adventure in the heart of God, so is anything but boring! And the biggest change will be in the life of the pray-er. Personal prayer sessions, team praying, learning the culture and spiritual make-up of the target people, bonding with the vision and strategies of the church planting team, prayer evangelism where appropriate, and compiling resources that aid strategic prayer are some of the areas of prayer worker involvement.

Pray for:

  • People with a heart for prayer and Christ’s mission, who will say, “YES!” to being pray-ers who GO.
  • Local churches to see the urgency and strategic value of sending pray-ers who GO to front-line places.