Pray in the Rain (9)

The Pray in the Rain prayer type we’re going to aim for is ‘declaration’, an authoritative announcement that lines up with God’s desire to break through stubborn resistance.  It might seem as if the route we’re taking is heading in a different direction, but our compass is definitely pointed at breakthrough praying. We will get there.

Our anchor scripture from the Pray Scripture Bank (Ask/Spiritual Warfare) is Psalm 135:5, 6.

I know that the Lord is great, that our Lord is greater than all gods. The Lord does whatever pleases him, in the heavens and on the earth, in the seas and all their depths.

I know that the Lord is great! When we say that, we’re not just marking a doctrinal checkbox, or sharing a conviction. We’re announcing our participation in an endless journey of discovery. God’s greatness is beyond our ability to fully understand or imagine. The dimensions of his Glory – who he is and what he is like – are immense (Eph 3:18, 19 touches on just one aspect, his love). But he draws us into that exciting journey of growing as know-ers of his greatness.

It’s a guided discovery. He gives us his Spirit and Word to keep showing us more of his size. That expanding view of his greatness effects the way we pray for him to break through impossible obstacles.

CONTEMPLATE the Lord’s Greatness

Pray in the Rain - Contemplate

Pray in the Rain – Contemplate God’s Greatness

Views on spiritual contemplation differ. It works best for me to see it as a part of (Biblical) meditation. This is totally different from meditation popularized as a relaxation technique, or in pursuit of emptiness and nothingness. Our meditation is a silent or muttered rehearsing of Word-truth, digesting it in a way that shapes our thoughts, feeds our spirit’s responses to the Lord and influences living. Contemplation is an important part of it.

In the fast moving, noisy world we’ve become accustomed to, one of our biggest challenges is to make times to quieten ourselves, unplug from distractions and focus fully on being in God’s company. We need inner room prayer times that include space for contemplation.

Contemplation is a quiet but powerful, personal encounter with Glory. The Lord reveals himself so that we can ponder him. I think this must be one of the Spirit’s favourite heaven-on-earth spaces; inner room time where the believer brings no complaint and no request. Just a longing to see the Lord more clearly! He guides us along the contemplation avenue so that the eyes of our heart take in more of the beauty he designed us to enjoy forever: his Glory. And in seeing him more clearly, we see life more clearly (Psalm 36:9).

Contemplation is a ‘feeder’ practice, an enjoyable love-discipline that deepens all types of prayer. But the type guaranteed to overflow most easily from it is: admiration of the Lord – prayers of wonder, celebration, praise, thanks, adoration and hunger for him.

Back to our anchor scripture. Plan inner room time to contemplate the Lord’s greatness from the words: I know that the Lord is great

Here are some guides:

  • Begin by telling the Lord of your hunger/longing to know his greatness in a deeper way.
  • Ask the Spirit to excite the eyes of your heart with more light, to share with you more of his view of the greatness of Christ.
  • In quietness, ponder the words, I know that the Lord is great. Say or sing them silently, each time putting emphasis on a different word.
  • When a distracting thought comes, rather than try to shut it out (which itself becomes distracting), channel it; let it point you to a truth about the Lord’s greatness.
  • Avoid asking the Lord for anything – be content to look at him. What aspect(s) of his greatness are you seeing in particular? What words, images, or scriptures describe what you are seeing?
  • But we see Jesus… (Heb 2:9). Then, the writer explains what he was seeing: crowned with glory and honor. Repeat those words, I see Jesus…., then explain what you are seeing as you contemplate his greatness.

From contemplation to admiration…..

Finally, let what you have seen of the Lord’s greatness overflow in prayers of admiration. Pray your wonder/awe at his size. Move on to celebrating his greatness, prayers of praise, thanks, adoration and hunger to see and know his greatness more.

It might seems like we’ve detoured from our goal of praying declarations, but we’re still on track. We’ve been moving down a well-lit runway, and take-off will happen in the next post.

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