Prayer growth is a journey that’s too good to miss. It’s one we are designed to enjoy, not as rear-seat passengers but as hands-on pray-ers who want to keep growing.

We’re encouraged by what we see in the rear-view mirror, but are much more excited about the road ahead. We’re moving into “brighter and more beautiful” in Christ’s fullness (2 Cor 3:18 MSG), so the bit ahead is going to outshine what’s behind us. The Spirit is more thrilled at our journey than we can ever be, and will not stop navigating us into more and more of the view as he sees it.

Sometimes prayer life growth has a tailwind behind it, and at other times there is strong headwind. It can go from exciting surges to barely rolling. We will never have ideal conditions for a perfect journey, but this is part of the challenge: to keep growing in all seasons and under all circumstances.

In our years with Wingspan Prayer, we have not seen as much hunger to grow in prayer as now. People want to enjoy it more and do it better.

Through Wingspan Prayer blog posts we aim to grow prayer enjoyment. You have noticed that posts can include Word insights, prayer shaping tips & examples, strategic prayer, and they usually end with a ‘nudge into practice’. We don’t want to change this, but would like to offer you another level: WingspanShare.

WingspanShare is our community of people who, like yourself, want to grow as pray-ers, and encourage and learn from others on the journey.

WingspanShare is a new Facebook group. It’s a forum for people who believe that prayer growth is ENJOYABLE….and don’t want to miss the journey! It’s a chance to share, learn, ask questions, comment on Wingspan Prayer blog posts, and enjoy growing together as pray-ers who love God’s glory.

WingspanShare is a private group; members and posts are hidden from public view.

Joining the Facebook group is simple, and there are no obligations. It aims  to serve your prayer life growth, and if that isn’t happening you are free to leave the group.

To join the journey…
  • Click on this link WingspanShare
  • When your FB opens, click the ‘Join’ button below the WingspanShare banner.

If you are a FB user, go ahead and join WingspanShare now. I look forward to seeing you there!

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